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Northern Group of Institutions, Alwar (NCR) providing quality education in the field of Management was established in 2005. The institutions having intensive academic environment with the mission to prepare students with capacities and creativity to have new thoughts, new horizons and analytical capabilities so as to enable them to achieve the objectives of business and society.

What we do?

what we do

At NILM (Northern Institute of Learning & Management) students learn to approach the world with confidence, diligence and ingenuity, a natural outcome of the curriculum and beyond the curriculum activities that inspire intellectual and creative growth. The vibrant student community is a rich amalgamation of varied life styles and personalities. The student committee in-charge for co-curricular activities organizes a wide range of mind boggling quizzes, seminars, panel discussions, symposiums, open house sessions that provide students opportunities for interaction and learning. A kaleidoscope of mesmerizing, colorful cultural activities is organized for students to nurture and enhance their diverse abilities and encourage development of multi-faceted personalities.

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